Yes we were all kids once... and in a way we still are!
We still get a youthful buzz from all things new and beautifully designed.

Our business is based on trust, and we are proven to deliver on expectations, agreements and promises. Our professionals, engineers and auditors hold several certifications related to quality standards, network configuration and security analysis.
To stay on the cutting edge of emerging technologies we are continually pursuing new certifications and training. We are diligent in preserving the highest calibre of integrity and our professional and personal conduct is beyond reproach.
What this means for you is a smooth, effective implementation and a solution that not only meets demand but exceeds your expectations.
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Gianmarco Troia
Gianmarco TroiaCEO & Founder
Industrial Engineer, founder and shareholder. Previous experience in consulting firms, he is a qualified Lead Auditor ISO 27001:2005, ISO/IEC 17799:2005, ISO 9001. He is in charge of General Management and consulting services for auditing and compliance.
Carlo Nuccio
Carlo NuccioBusiness Development
Industrial Engineer, 20+ years of experience in design and implementation of complex innovative and TLC solutions. Focused on commercial team building, customer management and business development.
Stefano Todaro
Stefano TodaroHead of Innovation
Computer Engineer and shareholder. Software Development analyst and shareholder. He has participated in a Webmaster qualification. Expert in software and mobile software development.He is also in charge of the R&D area.
Isabella Abruzzo
Isabella AbruzzoControl and Administration
Expert in customer management and shareholder. Administrative assistant and expert in computer system Windows.
Salvatore Addio
Salvatore AddioShareholder
Strategic, real multinational-minded HR expert. Motivational leader able to foster teamwork and energize others to higher levels of performance in complex cross-cultural environments. Global Professional Human Resources (GPHR) certificate professional by the S.H.R.M. (Society for HR Management).
Giosafat Armenio
Giosafat ArmenioSenior Developer
Majoring in Mechanical Engineering, he works with as Software Developer and Web Designer.
Roberto Di Miceli
Roberto Di MiceliSenior Developer
He works with as software developer, with specific expertise in Android, iOS and Windows Mobile application development.
Marco Barcellona
Marco BarcellonaSoftware Developer
Software Developer with web development skills.
Dario Curasi
Dario CurasiSoftware Developer
Degree in computer science. Works with Qwince as software developer with web development skills.
Francesca Motisi
Francesca MotisiSoftware Developer
Computer Scientist. Full Stack Web Developer with 3+ years of experience.
Claudio La Barbera
Claudio La BarberaSenior Developer
Majoring in Computer Science, he works with as software developer, with specific expertise in web application development.
Maria Schiattarella
Maria SchiattarellaBusiness Development
Business Development Expert with more than 10 years experience in driving commercial strategy. She supports strategic growth and development of the business to business division in the Italy.
Rachael Stilwell
Rachael StilwellBusiness Development
Business Development Expert with more than 10 years experience in driving commercial strategy. She supports strategic growth and development of the business to business division in the UK.
A.V.External Consultant
Expert in Corporate Governance, Compliance, Risk Assessment, Code of conducts, Cyber crime, FCPA , SOX, D.lgs. 231/2001, labour safety, best practices, EFPIA, IFPIA, ABPI, Data Protection, UK Bribery Act.
Leonardo Zanardi
Leonardo ZanardiVP Strategic Planning
Healthcare professional for over 37 years. 24 years in Sales and Marketing with SK&F, Smith Kline Beecham and Procter & Gamble. 12 years in Quintiles as VP Italy and then Responsible for the New Services Development in the EMEA region. During 2014/2015 Leonardo was member of Domedica Board of Directors.
Eugenio La Manna
Eugenio La MannaSenior Consultant
Electronic Engineer and shareholder. Senior consultant in the pharmaceutical and healthcare area. Expert in CCNA, CCNA Security, CISA methodology and Certified Offensive Security. He is also in charge of the R&D area.
Agostino Buono
Agostino BuonoShareholder
Computer Engineer, founder and shareholder. Chief Technology Officier and Project Manager for the pharmaceutical area. Expert in System Integration and Web Software Development. Expert in Computer Forensics and Digital Investigation.
Pierluigi Chirco
Pierluigi ChircoShareholder
Computer Engineer, founder and shareholder. Senior consultant for Software Development. Expert in Offensive Security. Highly experienced in software development and system administration. He is a qualified Lead Auditor ISO 27001:2005.

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