Qwince has been selected, as partner of Luis.it, to join the Luis.it’ team for the FARETE Exhibition the 7th and the 8th of September 2015 in Bologna (Italy).

FARETE Exhibition is one of the largest and most successful cross-sector exhibitions in the centre of Italy. This year, it was attended  by about 14.000 visitors and more than 600 exhibitors across a variety of industries.

FARETELuis.it is a communication factory combining classic advertising with future generation digital media. The agency has a strong acknowledge of the traditional marketing and advertising combined with a deep understanding of the web, social platforms and the most innovative technological tools developed to communicate the value of the brand efficiently and effectively.
Thanks to this integrated approach, it is now possible to build the best strategy plan for our clients’ visibility, memorability and success.

Qwince’s great team (Valentina La Bruzzo and Stefano Todaro) presented Neuralya, our neuromarketing platform, to Luis’ visitors during the two day event, letting them try and test the functionalities of this innovative platform.

Neuralya looks at a set of physiological parameters (facial coding, eye tracking, skin conductance, EEG, etc.), using wearable devices, to evaluate the rational, emotional and instinctual components.