Qwince continues investment activities at a high pace. During the 2016 its total investment volume tripled in R&D and new startups working on emerging technologies and processes.
Qwince has now invested in SkillforEquity and, together with EBWorld, in IDESIO.
This is a new step to create a portfolio of companies able to play a promising role in our future.

We have reached a good pace in our investment activities. Our efficiency is based on the due diligence investment model we’ve developed. It allows us to invest into startups with high return expectations swiftly and cost-efficiently already very early on.” says CEO of Qwince, Gianmarco Troia, “The quality of startups has been a positive surprise. I trust we can further increase our investment volume next year. The progress of our portfolio companies also creates opportunities for follow-on investments.

Currently, the portfolio of Qwince consists of 4 companies (including Securproject.it and Neuralya).
Qwince’s portfolio companies involve approximately 30 people in total.

  • IDESIO delivers environmental intelligence to make the world a safer place. By applying IoT, geospatial and emerging technologies, IDESIO provides environmental intelligence in harsh and sparse environments to manage, monitor and protect people and assets. IDESIO is the Industry 4.0 enabler. By an innovative approach, IDESIO experts and technology can help to collect and analyse in-field real-time data to support safety, cost-efficient environmental intelligence and decisions.
  • SkillforEquity implements a community in a single ecosystem of Startup, Mentor, and companies focused on innovation. Now, SkillforEquity involves 86 startups and 137 mentors.