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Federfarma – Electronic Invoicing

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Category: - Integration Platforms: - Web Target: - Corporate - Enterprises - Associations Description: Scenario The Finance Act 2008 introduced in Italy mandatory electronic invoicing (e-invoicing) for supplies rendered to Public Administrations (PAs). The e-invoicing legislation prevents government PAs from accepting and paying paper invoices. The legislation also provides for the setup of an Electronic [...]

Assinde – Digital Platform for expired pharmaceutical products recall

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Category: - Services Description: Assinde is a company created by the association of Italian pharmaceutical producers, pharmacies and wholesalers, which recalls, collects and pays for expired pharmaceutical products all over the Italian market (Pharmaceutical products recall). We have been working with Assinde from the very beginning and we seized the opportunity to reinvent their processes [...]

Gestione Archivi – Information Security & Compliance


Category: - Services Description: Gestione Archivi is a company focused on document management, scanning and digitalisation of huge archives. It is an ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 27001 certified company, which dates back to 2003, able to offer high quality standards and custom physical document storage, digital document archiving and management services. Together, the Gestione Archivi-Qwince [...]

Information Security Services

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We Are Here To Serve You Qwince specialises in providing security services for different industries (press agency, associations, pharmaceutical companies, and trust companies). Our extensive experience in working through examinations and audits makes us qualified to provide these services. Our security specialists understand the technology and applications utilised in the industry as well [...]

Italpress – Technology Services

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Category: - Service Description: Italpress is the only press agency working all over Italy in Sicily. Their main focus is sports news, but they cover all the aspects of the politics and economics in Sicilian life. Consumer centrism has led to a fundamental behavioral change that allows the company to two-track innovation for short- and long-term goals. [...]

Promofarma – Mass Secure Email


Category: - Service - Product Industry: - Pharmaceutical Description: Promofarma is a subsidiary of Federfarma (association of Italian pharmacies) focused on pharmaceutical products sales data collection and on management of the website Promofarma analyses sales data to determine profitability and trends on national pharmaceutical product expenses; they also provide technological services to Federfarma. Promofarma provides [...]

Gastronomist – Consulting Blog Community


Category: - Service Description: GASTRONOMIST is the first consulting blog community devoted to food culture promotion via a network of young food experts. The key drivers are educating readers about quality food and the ability to offer access to qualified professionals on an international platform. GASTRONOMIST has an international network – which is now available to 30 members all [...]

Fulmine Group – Technology Services

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Category: - Services Description: Fulmine Group includes 250 private postal operators in Italy. Fulmine Group is a fast growing company that is expanding its business all over Italy in the government and private sector. We started with Fulmine Group in 2013 and we seized the opportunity to implement both the UltraPEC solution and a business intelligence [...]

Technology Services – System Integration

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We Are Here To Serve You Qwince is the ideal partner to integrate advanced solutions in any business context. We have the expertise to design, implement, and manage technology solutions and information systems to fit customer needs. We can handle the different communication and integration problems of several technologies running at the same [...]

Mobile Application Design & Development

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Organisations around the world always want to reach their customers and their employees on time. Smart devices help organisations to interact with their customers instantly. Custom mobile applications boost the functions and performances of the smartphone. We develop customer-centric mobile applications for various platforms, that also support interaction with wearable technologies. Some of our mobile applications [...]

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