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Neuralya – Think, Feel, Decide

Category: - Product Platforms: - Web Target: - Digital Agencies - Branded Companies Description: What is Neuralya? Consumers’ attention has never been harder to earn because people receive so many visual messages. Communication has to be effective and every company needs to turn its visitors into customers. Neuroscience divides our brain into 3 distinct categories: the new [...]

PopPling – Make your guest the star of the event

Category: - Mobile Application - Product Platforms: - Apple iOS (iPhone and iPad) - Google Android Target: - Consumer - Event Organiser - Corporate - Enterprises Description: What is PopPling? PopPling helps you to tell the story of your events across multiple platforms and formats using digital technologies and social networks. You create and organise [...]

PressMatrix – Digital Publishing

Category: - Product Platforms: - Apple iOS (iPhone and iPad) - Google Android - Amazon Kindle Fire Target: - Corporate - Enterprises - Publishers Description: What is PressMatrix? Publish your magazines, catalogues, brochures or any other print content as an enriched, native app in every big app store. Whether you are a publisher of magazines, [...]

Italpress – Technology Services

Category: - Service Description: Italpress is the only press agency working all over Italy in Sicily. Their main focus is sports news, but they cover all the aspects of the politics and economics in Sicilian life. Consumer centrism has led to a fundamental behavioral change that allows the company to two-track innovation for short- and long-term goals. [...]

Gastronomist – Consulting Blog Community

Category: - Service Description: GASTRONOMIST is the first consulting blog community devoted to food culture promotion via a network of young food experts. The key drivers are educating readers about quality food and the ability to offer access to qualified professionals on an international platform. GASTRONOMIST has an international network – which is now available to 30 members all [...]

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