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Warranty Management Solution

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Category: – Mobile Application – Web Application Platforms: – Apple iOS – Google Android Target: – Manufacturers – Dealers – Thirty-party users Description: Manufacturers, dealers, or thirty-party users need a robust warranty administration program for critical aspects of the warranty process and for monitoring of policies, flat rates, fault codes, rules management, registration, and claims processing. Qwince’s [...]

Neuralya – Think, Feel, Decide

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Category: - Product Platforms: - Web Target: - Digital Agencies - Branded Companies Description: What is Neuralya? Consumers’ attention has never been harder to earn because people receive so many visual messages. Communication has to be effective and every company needs to turn its visitors into customers. Neuroscience divides our brain into 3 distinct categories: the new [...]

Alchimya & Cardiocity RhythmPad

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Category: - Framework - Products Platforms: - Web Browser - Apple iOS (iPhone and iPad) - Google Android Target: - Pharmaceutical companies - Healthcare delivery organisations (HDOs) - Pharmacies - GPs Description: Scenario Today, the healthcare market is converging with the field of innovative technology due to an increasing demand from the elderly population as the rate [...]

Hyla Eyes on Vuzix M100

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Category: – Framework Platforms: - Vuzix M100 smart glasses - Apple iOS (iPhone and iPad) - Google Android Target: - Security Department - Compliance Department Description: What is Hyla Eyes? Hyla Eyes is secure data collection and event certification with smart devices. A new solution, designed by Qwince and, for control rooms (or from any [...]

Thalmic MYO Development Programme

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Category: - Research Platforms: - Thalmic MYO armband - Apple iOS (iPhone and iPad) - Google Android Target: - New digital interaction systems Description: Your muscles talk, MYO listens, we translate. Our research and development project based on THALMICLABS MYO aims to create a new interaction system for elderly, disable and low mobility individuals. It is [...]

Drones Electromechanics Research Programme


Category: - Research Platforms: - Vuzix M100 smart glasses - Apple iOS (iPhone and iPad) - Google Android Target: - Monitoring Description: Drones are unlikely to become a part of daily life in the immediate future, but they are beginning to take on much larger roles in business applications. Some forecasts predict that 12% of an [...]

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