Project Description

– Mobile Application

Ud’Anet is a technological spin-off of the University of Chieti “G. d’Annunzio” (Italy) to design and deliver multimedia content and products to universities, researchers and government. Ud’Anet manages the communication infrastructure of the University “G. d’Annunzio” and “Leonardo da Vinci”. The mission is to provide qualified skills to design, develop and research innovations for the education and the government.

Together, the Ud’Anet-Qwince team put in place an educational support for primary school kids, to let them operate and learn in a virtual classroom using electronic tablets.
The teacher uses interactive e-books to teach.
The pupils are able to download the e-books and work on them using an app on a tablet, accessing multimedia contents and enriching them with notes, drawings, images, audio and games.
Using this platform, the teacher will have oversight of the pupils’ activities, define and monitor tasks and receive feedback via an internal messaging system.

Digital Transformation is also mobile education.