Project Description

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– Product

– Pharmaceutical

Promofarma is a subsidiary of Federfarma (association of Italian pharmacies) focused on pharmaceutical products sales data collection and on management of the website Promofarma analyses sales data to determine profitability and trends on national pharmaceutical product expenses; they also provide technological services to Federfarma.
Promofarma provides certified email addresses, named posta elettronica certificata (PEC), to Italian pharmacies and local associations.
PEC is an email system able to track the delivery process to give a secure certification of the process to the sender. Promofarma uses our Mass Secure Email system to communicate with the Italian pharmacies.

Some highlights of the activities:

UltraPEC implementation and support for Mass Secure email sending
– Consulting services

“Qwince and are our partner since 2009 for the web development of application able to support large number of users. They are flexible and efficient, with a strong orientation to innovative solutions research using cutting-edge technologies. Strong attitude to relationships and to integrate with other technological partners to face complex projects. Congratulations!”
Managing Director, Promofarma