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– Apple iOS (iPhone and iPad)
– Google Android
– Amazon Kindle Fire

– Corporate
– Enterprises
– Publishers

What is PressMatrix?
Publish your magazines, catalogues, brochures or any other print content as an enriched, native app in every big app store. Whether you are a publisher of magazines, an agency for corporate journals or an enterprise that prepares annual reports: our digital publishing solution will serve you well.

Why use PressMatrix?
Satisfied readers are not only your bread and butter, they are also your best advertisers. Offer them an impressive reading experience! Analyse which pages perform best, so that you can tailor your content and multimedia to their interests.
It’s easy. No IT-knowledge required to use our SaaS-based, modular construction kit. Digitise your content effortlessly! Regardless of operating system, browser, or location: you can always add, edit and release your publications.
It’s convenient. Our cost-effective solution allows you to offer your readers the option to purchase products, subscriptions and more in-app – using various payment methods. Send your readers Push notifications for a higher engagement and monetisation.
More readers. By digital publishing in the app stores, whether publicly accessible or in a members-only group, you will reach a new, digital market of readers. The amount of people who read on their mobile device continues to rise. Stay on top of your game!
Multimedia. Add depth to your publications with multimedia elements such as image galleries, audio, video, hyperlinks and your own HTML widgets. Not only will you bring your content to life with these elements, your ads will draw a lot more attention too!
It’s mobile. The biggest advantage of reading on a tablet or smartphone, is that we can take it anywhere we go. Downloaded publications are stored on the device. Swipe, pinch and rotate: everything looks breathtaking on a mobile device.

Point of view:
Digital Publishing your magazine in the Amazon AppStore is important for your business

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