Project Description

– Mobile Application
– Product

– Apple iOS (iPhone and iPad)
– Google Android

– Consumer
– Event Organiser
– Corporate
– Enterprises

What is PopPling?
PopPling helps you to tell the story of your events across multiple platforms and formats using digital technologies and social networks. You create and organise the event on our platform, your guests download the app and you display their posts and their photos in a cool way, using our Wallypop.

Why use PopPling?
Every event needs to be memorable, every brand needs to be remembered. Today, every event needs to be social. It makes these things simple by involving your customers, your guests, in a real-time play which lets them to be star and participate using new technologies.

Below is an article on this product by a very influential Italian magazine (il Venerdì di Repubblica) and a snapshot from SharedVision:


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PopPling was trusted by:

When I first reviewed PopPling as a social media tool, I wasn’t fully convinced that it would be appreciated by the mature audience we were expecting for our fund-raising international charity event. However, on the day, it was a hit. The audience, mostly old and a few young, loved seeing the instant pictures on screen, and the charity won more than a few points for tapping into this new and exciting tool. Moving forward, I can see a great potential for PopPling in a variety of settings and commercial environments. In addition, the Qwince team behind PopPling are insightful, very enthusiastic and eager to work with clients to ensure that events are enhanced through their tools. I will definitely be recommending PopPling to my other clients, and will look for ways to incorporate them into events and crowd situations.
Noreen Cesareo, Communications Director, Splendours of the Commonwealth
We used the PopPling marketing platform for the first time at the IAA Christmas lunch and found it to be a very effective tool for our guests to interact with each other. It was also a great way of increasing their engagement in the activities of the day and this was showcased across the social networks.
Karen Carter, IAA UK President, International Advertising Association