Project Description

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Italpress is the only press agency working all over Italy in Sicily. Their main focus is sports news, but they cover all the aspects of the politics and economics in Sicilian life.
Consumer centrism has led to a fundamental behavioral change that allows the company to two-track innovation for short- and long-term goals.

Facing these challenges, Italpress asked for our help to support their digital transformation and create a technical infrastructure compliant with their growth strategy. To make it even tougher, the solution couldn’t rely on long design and implementation periods. We only had a month! Our collaboration has been going on for some time, more then five years.

We provide full technology services to manage and monitor their infrastructure, their website and their mobile apps.

Some technology services highlights:

– Data Centre design and implementation
– 24/7 help desk and support on site
– Web site design, implementation and management (fully integrated with their press agency system)
– Mobile app design and development
– Information security and compliance consulting services