Project Description

– Framework

Vuzix M100 smart glasses
– Apple iOS (iPhone and iPad)
– Google Android

– Security Department
– Compliance Department

What is Hyla Eyes?
Hyla Eyes is secure data collection and event certification with smart devices.
A new solution, designed by Qwince and, for control rooms (or from any secured device) to monitor the progress of in-field operators in real time using smartphones.

How it works?
Using a common iOS or Android phone, Hyla Eyes allows data acquisition and collection, geographic tracking, safety and interaction between control room and in-field operators.
Each operator can interact and communicate with the control room (also assigning check-points, inspection points, routes, etc.), take pictures of check-points, including additional metadata (i.e. GPS data, alerts, notes, etc.), send SOS and emergency messages to the control room, using a secure communication channel.
The control room back-end collects data and photos, applies a certified time-stamp and allows the sharing of data and reports with the clients.
QWINCE implemented a prototype to communicate in real time with operators equipped with Vuzix M100 smart glasses. Hyla Eyes on Vuzix M100 implements both notification services and data collection features.

Where can Hyla Eyes be applied?
Hyla Eyes can be applied in every context you require a secure certification of what’s happening in the field, so for guards on patrol, compliance applications to certify controls, inspections and check, utilities, etc.

Hyla Eyes on Vuzix M100 is innovation and digital transformation! Check out some news about our prototype!