Project Description

– Service

GASTRONOMIST is the first consulting blog community devoted to food culture promotion via a network of young food experts. The key drivers are educating readers about quality food and the ability to offer access to qualified professionals on an international platform.

GASTRONOMIST has an international network – which is now available to 30 members all over the world. The website went live in January 2014. The idea comes from two young gastronomists: Gianluca Capedri e Michele Crippa.

Some highlights of our involvement with this technology:

– Website design and implementation
– Consulting services

“To start a such new and revolutionary project, we were in need of a Partner able to deeply understand our philosophy and our needs. Our ideas were not so clear, since our project is going to renew the world of quality Food & Beverage. With Qwince we found a fantastic solution: experienced professionals, reliable and full commitment. Our brand new portal was up and running in less than a month: ability to timely react, feeling and quality”
Gianluca Capedri, Founder, Gastronomist