Now, PopPling! The first week of September 2014 saw PopPling make the first official steps during the corporate and leisure events.

The very first event was in Rome, where PopPling was the mobile application chosen by Merck Sharp & Dohme, Italy to interact with and involve the employees during the 3rd Annual meeting in Rome (1st-5th September 2014).

Then PopPling flew to London, to be the mobile application chosen by Splendours of the Commonwealth 2014 (8th September 2014). For the first time, during a fashion event, guests were able to live-stream their comments and photos.

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PopPling is the turn-key solution to socialising brands or enterprises and creating private social networks.
PopPling lets every attendee check-in and share content during the event.
Users can login using their Facebook account or after registering.

Before the event, PopPling can be used to be in touch with the organization and find the venue.
During the event, use PopPling to share contents and vote for the best picture!
Just download PopPling from your favorite market and log in after a registration process or using your Facebook account!


Using our Wallypop, guests’ content can be live-streamed during the event, at the venue and on the event website. So, PopPling brings social media to live events, encouraging the guests to share their contents.
See our WallyPop! Live streaming your event’s content is easy and amazing!
Download the media pack published by Splendours of the Commonwealth where PopPling is. Also check out also the news on Marie Claire.

More news regarding PopPling:

Visit our PopPling web site to find more details.