Agostino Buono, CTO of Qwince and, discusses the importance of entrepreneurship in Italy and in Sicily for companies focused on Digital Transformation and Visionary Innovation.

workshop_economia_agostino_buono_02Agostino shares the story of and Qwince during the last nine years and the importance of our Research and Development activity.

Member of Gruppo Giovani Imprenditori of Palermo, Agostino presented Qwince and during some events in Sicily focused on innovation and economic development of the district.

Agostino is a Computer Engineer, one of the founders and shareholders of Qwince and
He is the Chief Technology Officier and Project Manager for the pharmaceutical area.
Expert in System Integration and Web Software Development. Expert in Computer Forensics and Digital Investigation.

Watch the video here prepared by Gruppo Ubiqui for  “Chi è …?”. “Chi è …?” is a set of live meetings with young entrepreneurs in Palermo, presenting their professional and personal experience.