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Qwince is one of the most effective security-oriented innovation enablers on the European market.

We envisage the innovation and provide the essential ingredients you need to develop successful emerging technologies, services and products in a secure environment, so you can innovate and work better, move information quickly, safely and cost effectively… but most importantly grow in a connected, digital world.

Our vision is to be a high quality European boutique able to provide solutions that enhance and secure our customers’ digital life. Digital transformation and visionary innovation is our product.
Our mission is people, their growth and their well-being.
That is why we want to attract, hire, acquire, develop and, most importantly, retain the best and most talented resources to help our clients identify their needs, devise value-added solutions for them, and then deliver those solutions locally in a timely, effective, thorough, seamless and cost-efficient manner.
The foundations of our philosophy are our principles of innovation, simplicity, trust, integrity and flexibility. Global approach and local focus drive our decisions and actions.

Our main aim is to improve the customer experience, through product innovation and creativity. We promote new ideas and new products and we try to explore them constructively. Even though not every innovation will be right for us, in terms of timing, resource or practical application, we know that our future success depends on the creativity of our resources and teams.

Maintaining simplicity in a complex and challenging world is hard, but we believe that we need to preserve the main features of our business and of our customers’ businesses.

Our customers know and believe that we are on their side, that we are there to help them run their businesses and that the advice, the products or the technologies we offer and the services we provide are in their best interests.

Our customers need to know and believe that we maximize customer and corporate value through the development and expansion of innovative, quality-based services. Every employee knows that ethical conduct and science-based research will contribute to our growth and advance product development.

We need to be ready and responsive, anticipating and interpreting customers’ needs. That’s why we provide a challenging work environment that supports on-going education whilst allowing for each individual’s personal creativity.

Global approach and local focus
In an increasingly global marketplace, many businesses are developing an international presence. We know that our customers need solutions robust enough to cope with multiple government legislation, multiple currencies, multiple languages and able to offer integration, customisation, multiple platform options and more. Our global scale means we can bring this accumulated knowledge and experience to bear in a way that is meaningful to our customers both by country and by industry.

We provide full services in solution development, system integration, information security and compliance with a strong commitment to the principles of integrity, independence, innovation, and initiative.
Qwince targets one of the top priorities of the 61% of CEOs worldwide, their concern about change. The 51% of companies with an innovation strategy are first to market with most innovations, products and services.
Innovative technologies are in what we use, what we wear, what we drive, it is inside the things we use. Innovation makes our customers on trend and ahead of everyone else. Every organisation is looking for opportunities and growth-oriented business models.
Managing data and applying new technologies in a trust worthy and secure way is crucial to grow and create value in a connected environment.
We specifically serve companies (associations, pharmaceutical companies, press agencies, etc.) as well as enterprises requiring highly skilled experts in system integration and a high level of security in their operations.
Our history is Securproject.it, a company which stems from the desire to create a new company, based in Italy, that could be independent and specialise in information security and information engineering. Securproject.it is our Italian subsidiary, an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, which dates back to 2007, when it was founded in Sicily, as a spin-off in the University of Palermo. Qwince is our future, set up to provide innovative solutions and services in the European market, while respecting and preserving the culture of our customers.
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