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Five steps to make your ideas real

Innovation has no bounds. With Qwince as your technology partner, your seed of an idea can grow, evolve and become reality

  • I Invent: we pinpoint the opportunities
  • D Design: we engineer your innovation
  • E Execute: we build your innovation
  • A Accelerate: we evolve your technology
  • S Secure: we secure your internet of things

INVENT: We are your innovation partner

We’ll help you identify and utilise the opportunities and challenges. To do this, we conduct different research projects to find new products for our customer.
For example, we are working with Brunel University in London on Thalmic Labs’ MYO gesture control armband, to help elderly, disabled and low-mobility users to wirelessly control their favourite technologies.Thalmic Myo

MYO let us implement a new form of user interface that uses EMG signals from the forearm.
Gestures are recognized before movement thanks to muscle activity and 9-axis inertial measurement unit (MEMS) MYO embeds a Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy chip for connectivity.
We are thinking applications in military, consumer and professional field.

Check out more in Our Work section.

DESIGN: We engineer your innovation

Have a bright idea but don’t know what to do with it?
We are a group of highly skilled and experienced engineers with plenty of technical expertise and passion…  

For example, we are designing and developing a customizable digital framework for patient engagement and medication adherence solutions, which:Empatica E4

  • combines education, rewarding, monitoring and screening to motivate the patients,
  • uses digital health devices (such as Empatica E4, Cardiocity…) to collect reliable data and improve the outcomes on therapy effectiveness,
  • sustain healthy behaviours thanks to gamifications and rewarding,
  • involves different HDO and actors in the process,
  • provides advanced analytics to care providers based on big data.

Check out more in Our Work section.

EXECUTE: We build your innovation

With our background as a security integrator, our main priority is the security of your data and communications.  For example, we are designing and developing a secure identification system based on NYMI technology.NYMI

NYMI has enormous potential to improve our lives because it works by using your unique electrocardiogram (ECG) signals to act as a biometric authentication layer for other devices, applications and services. So NYMI uses your heartbeat like a password to confirm your identity.

This system offers three authentication levels: the wristband itself, user’s unique cardiac rhythm and its mobile device, like a smartphone or tablet.

ACCELERATE: We evolve your technology

We build digital culture, boost innovation capability and confidence in technology and data security.
For example, Neuralya (our brand new product) is our acceleration and evolution project.Emotiv EPOC+

Based on a human behavior and biometric data collection platform by iMotion, Neuralya looks at a set of physiological parameters (facial coding, eye tracking, skin conductance, EEG…), using wearable devices (such as Empatica E4, Gazepoint Eye Tracking, Emotiv Epoc +...), to evaluate the rational, emotional and instinctual components behind your customers’ choices.

Learn how to push the “BUY button” inside your customer’s brain. Click here.

SECURE: We secure your Internet of Things

Our platform and our skills help organizations to protect and manage their logical, physical and cloud-based data assets.

An example is HYLA EYES on VUZIX M100 smartglasses.VUZIX M100
We are qualified as an early adopter by the VUZIX DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM. We prototyped our product Hyla Eyes on Vuzix M100.
Hyla Eyes is a secure data collection and certification system based on mobile devices, allowing completely secure communication with a control room and rendering data uneditable that is collected in the field.

Check out more in Our Work section.

Qwince was founded in 2007

Qwince - Give wings to your ideas

We are extremely flexible and accessible: with offices in the UK and Italy

Users downloaded our applications
B2B users rely on our systems
Successfully delivered projects

Users downloaded our applications
B2B users rely on our systems
Successfully delivered projects

Our advantages

Our Clients choose to work with us because of the key advantages we bring to their business:

  • we help you to use the very latest technology
  • we provide solutions and services that improve and simplify the way you live and do business

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What Clients say

Working with represented for us a a qualitative leap due to the integration with our communication services. Now we are sure to expand our offer with the support of a Partner able to innovate with us.
Giuliano Capedri, Founder and Chief Executive, Giroidea
They work with passion and cutting edge technologies and produce outstanding IT solutions for their customers!
Umberto La Commare, Professor, Università degli Studi di Palermo
We work with Government and enterprises with highly complex processes, in a context more and more digital where we need experienced professionals and innovation skills. is the ideal partner to face the needs related to ICT world. Even the need we didn’t realize to have!
Renato Magistro, Founder, QuaCon
Qwince is the technological partner which most company should have: effective, quick, skilled, innovation oriented, made up by creative and reliable resources, able to satisfy the customers needs and identify the market opportunities.
Stefano Di Lecce, CEO, Innovandia
A young company of experienced professionals in ICT sector. I worked with them very well and together we managed serious issues. Well done, guys!
Senior Researcher, Engineering
Our feedback is surely positive. We perceived competence, precision and reliability while working with you.
Executive, Caffè Trombetta
When I first reviewed PopPling as a social media tool, I wasn’t fully convinced that it would be appreciated by the mature audience we were expecting for our fund-raising international charity event. However, on the day, it was a hit. The audience, mostly old and a few young, loved seeing the instant pictures on screen, and the charity won more than a few points for tapping into this new and exciting tool. Moving forward, I can see a great potential for PopPling in a variety of settings and commercial environments. In addition, the Qwince team behind PopPling are insightful, very enthusiastic and eager to work with clients to ensure that events are enhanced through their tools. I will definitely be recommending PopPling to my other clients, and will look for ways to incorporate them into events and crowd situations.
Noreen Cesareo, Communications Director, Splendours of the Commonwealth

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